Footy Soccer

May 16 – July 28

Playing 7 v. 7 soccer at Kino Sports Complex is the best footy combination Tucson has to offer. These fields are brand new. The South Complex, at 2343 E. Tournament Way, opened its doors in January 2020 with state-of-the-art surfaces featuring real grass. This means a lower chance of injuries, and more importantly, it gives you the sensation of how soccer is meant to be, and how it is played on a professional level. Now you can feel like a pro and play like a legend!


Co-ed teams play on Mondays, men’s teams play on Thursdays.  Games start at 7 p.m. Co-ed League season runs May 16 – July 11.  Men’s League is June 2 – July 28.

Footy is open for both teams and individuals to sign up.

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Kino South Complex
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