USDAA Dog Agility October 2021

dog in desert

USDAA Dog Agility

Come watch some amazing canine athletes at this free event. Tucson’s Saguaro Scramblers Agility Club presents the USDAA Dog Agility event October 16-17.  The action starts at 7:30 a.m. and runs until 5 p.m., on Saturday and Sunday. Held on the Main Complex fields #11 and #12, the competition event features action in two rings.  Events include standard dog agility courses, jumping courses, and relay courses, with a specific sequence in which obstacles are to be performed. Also on tap are gamblers classes, where flow of the course is either partly defined or not defined at all. Dogs and trainers specialize in specific types of courses.

For more information visit USDAA Dog Agility Event.



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