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Today, the Main Complex is just a component of the overall Kino Sports Complex site, but more than 20 years ago, this was the venue that started it all. Kino Sports Complex debuted in 1997 as an official Major League Baseball spring training site for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Chicago White Sox. The Main Complex, which houses Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium, was built to MLB standards complete with clubhouses, private parking, practice fields, batting cages and more.

Since the departure of MLB, this facility now has the flexibility to host an array of events year-round. Annual events held here include Rock KFMA Day Concert, the Mexican Baseball Fiesta, Lights of the World, Cops & Rodders Show and the 4th of July Diamonds in the Sky Celebration to name a few. This venue has also been used for smaller-scale events, including weddings, birthday parties and baby showers.

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Kino Main Site Amenities

Kino Main Parking

The Main Complex includes free paved parking for thousands of vehicles. Between the Stadium’s paved and unpaved lots, there’s about 3,500 spaces, not counting the unpaved lot at Country Club and Milber Street. There’s also about 400 parking spaces in the lots right off of Ajo Way, near the Quad fields.¬†Additional parking spaces are available near the Clubhouses, but those are often not open to the public.

Kino Main Access

Conveniently located near Interstate-10 and Interstate-19, and in close proximity to the Tucson International Airport, the Main Complex provides easy access to residents and visitors alike. The main entrance to the facility is located on Forgeus Ave., just south of Ajo Way.

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