Policies and Guidelines

For Safety and Comfort

To maintain the safety and comfort of players, coaches and fans, Kino Sports Complex has adopted a Clear Bag Policy for events at Veterans Memorial Stadium and at North Stadium.

Events at the Veterans Memorial Stadium and North Stadium

Clear Bag Policy in effect and enforced


For events occurring at other venues at the Complex

The Clear Bag Policy does not apply to events at other venues onsite. For other venues, please see allowable item guidelines for Players, Coaches, and Guests allowable items below.

Allowable Items for Players In Uniform

  • Personal Drink Containers (Hydros, Thermos, Yetis)
  • Player Bag/Backpack

Allowable Items for Coaches/Managers/Officials With Credentials Or In Uniform

  • Personal Drink Containers (Hydro, Thermos, Yetis)
  • Bag/Backpack
  • Ice Chest/Cooler with water, sports drink, game snacks, towels/neck wraps for players

Prohibited Items

  • Outside Food
  • Polar Cups
  • Soda Cups
  • Eegees
  • Clear Plastic Drink Cups
  • Iced Coffee Drinks

*Bags/Backpacks/Coolers/Ice Chests Will Be Inspected

Guest Allowable Items

  • Personal Drink Containers (Hydros, Yetis, Thermos)
  • 16 oz. Bottle Water/Sports Drink (original container)
  • Hot Coffee
  • Trained Service Dogs/Perform a Task
  • Medically Necessary Items (Testing kit, EpiPen, Oxygen Tanks)
  • Sunscreen (Non-Aerosol Only)
  • Foam Seat Cushion / Stadium Cushion
  • Personal Size / Single Person Umbrella (must not obstruct other guests’ view)
  • Pop-Ups/Canopies with Sandbag Weights (no staking)
  • Baby Bag & Stroller (with baby)
  • Purses, backpacks (must show contents)
  • Cell Phones / Hand-held Electronic Devices
  • Binoculars/Musical Instruments/Fan Created Banners/Signs
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