Kino Sports Complex Clubhouses


Our fully-equipped clubhouses with make your teams feel like royalty. Complete with individual lockers, showers and dressing areas, training and weight rooms, laundry facilities, and separate locker areas for coaches, managers and officials. Some clubhouses also have kitchenettes. Our clubhouses are located in the North and Main Sports Complex areas. See below for details.


South Complex

  • South Major & Minor Clubhouses
    • 27,734 sq. ft.
    • Secured parking for 175 vehicles
  • Stadium Clubhouse
    • 12,287 sq. ft.
    • Secured parking for 97 vehicles
  • Visitor’s Clubhouse at the Stadium

North Complex

  • North Clubhouse
    • 27,734 sq. ft.
    • Secured parking for 175 vehicles

Reservation Information

If you’re interested in renting any of these clubhouses, please contact us at


Cost Information

Rental costs are tailored to your event depending on amenities used, event duration and other details. Please contact us at for more information.

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Kino Clubhouses
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  • Weekdays
    8:00 - 5:00
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